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Overview of Department:

The Department of General Surgery is one of the most vibrant departments in Mamata Medical College and Hospital, Khammam Telangana. The Department is housed in the third floor of the inpatient block of Mamata General Hospital and includes male and female wards, operation theaters, skills lab, PG and UG seminar rooms and the Department office. It also caters to specialty, subspecialty & super specialty services like General Surgery, Uro-Surgery, Neurosurgery, Laparoscopy, Endoscopy, & Proctology. The department of surgery was established since the day of college institution and the department has grown in leaps and bounds. The Department was initially imparting teaching to undergraduates only. Subsequently, it expanded its teaching program for postgraduates to obtain MS degree. At last it added subspecialty courses in neurosurgery & urology in delivering MCh programs in both these branches. The Department has six fully functional units for General Surgery and offers education to medical, dental and nursing undergraduates. Department also has well planned post graduate program with annual intake of 8 post graduate candidates for MS (General Surgery). The department has undertaken many innovative research projects which will help future development of new budding doctors at both undergraduate and post graduate level. Department Faculty and Post graduates have won many awards and distinctions at various academic platforms at state and national level.

S.No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Prasan Kumar Hota Professor & HOD
2 Dr.  T. Seetharamaiah Professor
3 Dr. S. Seetaiah Professor
4 Dr. Y. Prasad Rao Professor
5 Dr. Suresh H Climent Professor
6 Dr. M. Venkata Reddy Professor
7 Dr. G.Sambasiva Rao Professor
8 Dr. Boppana Durga Suresh Associate Professor
9 Dr. K. Ananda Gowd Associate Professor
10 Dr. Padmanabh S Inamdar Associate Professor
11 Dr. Ramaswami Bandivaddar Assistant Professor
12 Dr. Venkataramana G Assistant Professor
13 Dr. Sunil Kumar Assistant Professor
14 Dr. Nataraj Kumar Perumalla Assistant Professor
15 Dr. K.V.Kishore Tangella Assistant Professor
16 Dr. Laxmikanth Gurram Assistant Professor
17 Dr. Suhas M Assistant Professor
18 Dr. Reddy Dilip Kumar Assistant Professor
19 Dr. Konda Varundeep Senior Resident
20 Dr.Gogineni Mahesh Senior Resident
21 Dr. Ramakrishna Reddy Gade Senior Resident


  1. Undergraduate course —- B.B.S. (150 students in each batch)
  2. Postgraduate course—- S. (General Surgery) with yearly intake of 8


The ultimate goal of surgical training is to make the student skilled competent surgical practitioner, leader, communicator, teacher and lifelong learner as depicted by Medical council of India.

To achieve the required objectives following core competencies are taught to students both in undergraduate and postgraduate courses:

  1. Patient Care – compassionate, appropriate, and effective for the treatment of health problems and the promotion of health.
  2. Training in Medical Knowledge about established and evolving biomedical, clinical. Surgical residents are expected to critically evaluate and demonstrate knowledge of pertinent scientific information.
  3. Practice-Based Learning and Improvement that involves investigation and evaluation of their own patient care, appraisal, and assimilation of scientific evidence.
  4. Interpersonal and Communication Skills that result in effective information exchange with patients and their families
  5. Professionalism as manifested through a commitment to carrying out professional responsibilities, adherence to ethical principles
  6. Systems-Based Practice–able to demonstrate an understanding of the role of different specialists and other health care professionals in overall patient management.


The department is located in the third floor of inpatient block of Mamata General Hospital. The Department has department office, library and chambers for faculty along with a central conference room. There are two clinical demonstration rooms for undergraduate student with seating capacity of fifty students in each room. There is a dedicated seminar room for the post graduates. Audio visual teaching  aids  such  as  broadband  connection, LCD projectors, laptops  are  used  by  the  department  faculty  for  imparting  up to  date  surgical  knowledge  to  the  students. Department also has separate departmental library for postgraduate students and faculty members. Theoretical and practical knowledge is imparted to students besides bedside clinical skills demonstration.

The Department also has well equipped Skills lab for training undergraduate and post graduate students. There are different anatomical models, mannequins and laparoscopic Endo trainer and suturing models to train the students.

The department  has  a  well-established  museum  with  the  requisite  pathological  specimens ,collection  of  x-rays, instruments which  are  used  in teaching  both the undergraduates and postgraduates.

The department functions with six units having 180 beds. There are Four fully equipped& air-conditioned operation theatres dedicated  to  the  department of surgery and  are  equipped  with  the  state  of  the  art  equipment’s  like  ventilators, Bi/Unipolar  &  spray  diathermy, C-arm  imaging, laparoscopes, defibrillator,  endoscopes etc. All diagnostic and therapeutic laparoscopies are performed by surgeons. Super specialties such as Urology and Neurosurgery considerably enhance the services provided to the patients.

The post graduate students and the interns are given the hands on training along with the formal teaching. The Department of Surgery always strives to nurture an intellectually motivated environment to cultivate a quest for knowledge and passion for surgery among the students with an ultimate aim of turning them into surgeons of par excellence and good human beings.


  1. Prasan Kumar Hota, Professor Dept of Gen Surgery awarded “BEST TEACHER AWARD” BY Telangana state ASI Chapter on March 11th 2019.
  2. Dr Padmanabh Inamdar was awarded Endoscopy Fellowship of Indian association of Gastro intestinal Endo Surgeons held at GSL SMART LAB, GSL MEDICAL COLLEGE, Rahajmundry held between 31st May to 2nd June 2019 Conference
  3. Padmanabh Inamdar – awarded advanced course in Medical Education (ACME) conducted by Medical Council of India at Nodal Centre for Faculty Development KLE Uinversity’s J. N.Medical College, Belagavi.
  4. Prachi Gang – 1st prize in Best State Chapter paper presentation, 79th Annual Conference of ASI- ASICON-2019 from 18th 21st December 2019 at Bhubaneswar, Odisha.
  5. Kavya G – 3rd prize in Dr. Pallanivellu Best PG Paper presentation, 79th Annual Conference of ASI- ASICON-2019 from 18th 21st December 2019 at Bhubaneswar, Odisha.


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