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Overview of Department:

  • Department of Pediatrics caters the needs of primary, secondary and tertiary care to the people of khammam and surrounding districts.
  • Department provides better care to patients in out patients and In patients department
  • Daily along with 24 hours causality and critical care services in ICU.
  • Ours is a tertiary center for all undiagnosed and complicated cases in and around khammam
S. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Md. Ashraf Mohiddin Siddiq Professor & HOD
2 Dr. G. Somaiah Professor
3 Dr. M. Suresh Babu Professor
4 Dr. N.S. Vamsidhar Professor
5 Dr. Shiva Rama Krishna Babji Associate Professor
6 Dr.Pradeep Kumar Kurapati Assistant Professor
7 Dr. Gautham.Y Assistant Professor
8 Dr. K .Praveen Assistant Professor
9 Dr. Sanjivani Deepak Maslekar Assistant Professor
10 Dr. Vellanki Brahma Kumar Assistant Professor
11 Dr. Sandhya Rani Assistant Professor
12 Dr. Dodda Bhaskar Reddy Assistant Professor
13 Dr. P. Dhanalakshmi Senior Resident
14 Dr. A. Vinusha Senior Resident
15 Dr. Chaitra Senior Resident


  • MD Pediatrics

Clinical Services:

  • Free OPD care with free registration & free consultation in OPD.
  • We provide all kinds of vaccinations as per immunization schedule   of  IAP
  • Multi disciplinary assessments by cross references as and when required.
  • Emergency care.
  • Medical PICU with beds and NICU beds, both ICU have central oxygen, Ventilators, Bubble CPAP, HFNCs and Cardiac monitors.
  • Advanced phototherapy with LED lights , Exchange transfusions (Both total and partial)
  • Protocols displayed for all common emergencies in both PICU & NICU
  • We admit and treat all kinds of poisons cases.

Community health services:  

  • School health camps.
  • Regular Rural health camps
  • Detection and Medical advice of MALNUTRITION among children in both urban & rural areas.
  • We conduct awareness about oral hydration , Breasting feeding promotions  among both urban and Rural parents


  • Our Institution has good academicians’ who are strive to impact the best educations possible For students. The team works of the staff gives the best possible outputs academic wise.
  • Ours is leavel-3 tertiary care center with all equipment and manual resources providing the Best treatment and care compared to other hospitals with cost effectiveness.


  • E-learning classes to all under graduates and post graduates.
  • Encourage students to actively participate in both state and national level activities academically and non-academically in all kind of activates.
  • Equipped with skilled lab where both post graduates and under graduates are given hands on training skills.
  • Intensive Teaching schedule on all working days for Post graduates.
  • Clinical postings done regularly with ward leaving examinations to under graduates.
  • We update ourselves regular approaches and treatment methods by from of journal club.
  • Departmental library is provided with various journals and recent books- 176.



  1. Text Book- The short text book of peadiatrics Dr. M.A.M Siddiq MD Chapter (16) 13th edition 2020- M.A.M Siddiq-2020
  2. Text Book-The short text book of pediatrics Somaiah MD Chapter (8),(41),(42),(43), 13th edition 2020- Dr. G. Somaiah- 2020
  3. Text Book-Text Book of Peadiatrics Dr. M.A.M Siddiq MD Chapter (10) 1st edition (2016)- Dr. M.A.M Siddiq-2016.
  4. Text Book- Text Book of Pediatrics Somaiah Goud MD Chapter (11) 1st edition (2016)-                Dr. G. Somaiah- 2016
  5. Original Article- Clinical laboratory profile & antibiotic use in first time wheezes in the tertiary care centre in the rural area- Dr. Shiva Ramakrishna Babji– International Journal of Pediatric research Vol 3/ Issue 11- 2016
  6. Original Article- Validation of SICK Score – A Severity of illness scoring system at a tertiary care centre Dr. Shiva Ramakrishna Babji– International Journal of Pediatric research Vol 4/ Issue 03- 2017.
  7. Case Study- Study of partial seizures in children with respect to EEG and CT scan- Sanjivani.M, International Journal of Pediatric research Vol 3/ Issue 5- 2016
  8. Case Study- A Cross sectional study of Parental stress in pediatric intensive care unit: at a tertiary centre- Bhaskar.D– International Journal of Medical Science and Innovative Research Vol 3/ Issue 1- 2018.


  • T. SAHITHYA REDDY- Study of biochemical abnormalities in acute diarrhea in children.
  • U. ASHOK KUMAR- Study of comparing the efficiency of intravenous levetiracetam versus intravenous valproate the management of refractory status epilepticus in children.
  • N. SUNEETHA -To study the use of nebulised 3% hypertonic saline in the treatment of bronchiolitis.
  • VISWA PRASANTH -A study of clinical profile early diagnosis immediate outcome and outcome and short term follow up of congenital heart disease in children.
  • NISHANT NAIK. B -To study first day serum bilirubin as a predictor for future hyper bilirbinemia.
  • K. SAI RAMYA -A study of etiology of splenomegaly in children by clinical and laboratory methods.
  • Chowdary Vidya Sagar -Scorpion sting: A Clinical Study on early diagnosis of pulmonary Edema in children.
  • Nettem Sindhura -A Study of the complications in infants of diabetic mothers
  • Gul Mohammed Danish -Study of outcome of acute lower Respiratory tract infections in children aged 2 months to 5 years
  • Patlolla Nandhitha -The study of Etiology of Convulsions in children Between 1 Month and 5 Years of age
  • Lavanya Beeswa -Study of Blood glucose levels in newborns
  • Lavudiya Tejaswi -Study of diagnosis of malaria using Rapid diagnosis tests
  • V. Narasimha Teja – A Study of growth pattern and serum ferritin levels in transfusion dependent Beta-Thalassemia children.-
  • Cheruku Rajesh – A clinical study to evaluate the lipid profile in children with primary nephrotic syndrome.
  • Haritha Mirabana – Etiology, Clinical outcome. Laboratory findings of children with Neutropenia in non malignant conditions
  • Koppolu Vijayendar Babu – Study of Urinary tract infection in malnourished children age 06 months to 5 years at a tertiary care centre.
  • M.S. Srivaishnavi Health profile of girl children aged 1 year to 16 years admitted in Mamata general hospital, khammam .
  • Boddam Ganesh Yadav – A Study of clinical and laboratory profile in children with febrile seizures
  • Sivesh P.V.S – Correlation of cord bilirubin levels with hyper bilirubinemia in ABO Incompatibility at mamata general hospital, Khammam
  • Chunchu Bhavana – Role of Zinc as an adjuvant therapy in acute pneumonia in children of age 2 months to 2 years